Wee Yeh Tan writes:
> AFAIK, no.  Ideas previously thrown up includes having the global zone
> place this information in the local zone's filesystem.
> E.g.
> # zoneadm -z <myzone> boot
> # echo Global Zone: `hostname` since `date` > `zonecfg -z phd-corner-z
> info zonepath | cut -f2 -d' '`/root/etc/globalzone_info

I would not recommend modifying the file system from the global zone.
This provides a way for a malicious zone administrator to trash the
global zone -- for example, by changing that file to be a symlink to

Instead, enter the zone and modify the file there.  Something like

# echo Global Zone: `hostname` since `date` | zlogin phd-corner-z \
        'cat > /etc/globalzone_info'

Plus, it's easier.

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