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Migrating Non- Global zone From HOST A to HOST B
Below procedure describes to migrate the zones from one hardware to another. 
The filesystems are under veritas control the procedure may differ compare to 
SDS FS migration.


1. To List the Zones 

# zoneadm list -cv
  ID NAME             STATUS         PATH
   0 global           running        /
  23 zone101         running        /XX/zone/zone01
  33 zone02         running        /xx/zone/zone02
  34 zone06         running        /xx/zone/zone06
  37 zone04         running        /xx/zone/zone04

2. Collect the relevant information regarding the zones for e.g.: configuration 
files, Filesystem information, network information etc

# zoneadm -z <Zone Name> halt


1. Edit the index file to comment out the zone name zone04 – This activity 
makes the zone invisible and will not boot automatically at next reboot

       Make sure to copy this line to add in the HOST B machine

       The file is usually located at /etc/zones

2. Copy the <zonename>.xml configuration file to the host b machine 

       Please take the backup of zone configuration file
       # pwd
       /xx/zone/zone04
       # pax [EMAIL PROTECTED] /tmp/zone04.pax -p e * ( not realy need)

Note : Pax -> The pax utility reads,writes,and writes lists of the members of 
archive files and copies directory hierarchies

3. Remove VFSTAB mount points for the particular zones from the global zone 
configuration, this makes complete removal of zone from the host A machine

4. Deport the disk group
          unmount the filesystem
          vxvol –g dg_name stopall
         vxdg deport <dg_name>

5. Destroy the associated Pool from the HOST A (this can be done once your zone 
in Host B is running fully functional

NOTE: zone04 is considered as zone name
poolcfg -dc 'destroy pool zone04-pool' /etc/pooladm.conf
poolcfg -dc 'destroy pset zone04-pset' /etc/pooladm.conf


1. Login to HOST B Machine

       vxdg import < dg name >

       start all the volumes

       vxvol  -g <dg name> startall

2. Edit the index file and update the zone name configuration information

       Copy the (zonename).xml file from HOST A to HOST B

# zoneadm list -cv
  ID NAME             STATUS         PATH
   0 global           running        /
   1 zone09         running        /xx/zone/zone09
   2 zone08         running        /xx/zone/zone08
   - zone04         installed      /xx/zone/zone04

       zoneadm -z zone04 boot

3. Verify network interface, you may get some error if the interfaces are not 
same as source zones then edit xml file accordingly


1. Creating the Pool for the hostB-zone (considered zone name as uktdbm04)

poolcfg -dc 'create pset zone04-pset ( uint pset.min = 1; uint pset.max = 1 )'
poolcfg -dc 'create pool zone04-pool'
poolcfg -dc 'associate pool zone04-pool (pset zone04-pset)'

Save the configuration file

pooladm -s  
pooladm -c


1. If the zone needs to be configured in Scheduler execute the below command

poolcfg -c 'modify pool zone04-pool (string pool.scheduler="FSS")'

2. To show the process in the zones

        prstat –Z

General Errors: 

1. Below error defines when the pooladm –c is not run after the reconfiguration

zoneadm: zone 'zone04': WARNING: unable to bind to pool 'zone04-pool'; using 
default pool.

2. If the network is not properly configured following error will occur

# zoneadm -z zone04 boot
could not verify net address= physical=fjgi15: No such device or 
zoneadm: zone 'zone04': WARNING: pool 'zone04-pool' not found. using default 
zoneadm: zone zone04 failed to verify


1.      Patch level and kernel level should be same on both servers
2.      Both hardware should be same architecture ( This has been tested on the 
same hardware architecture)
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