James Falkner wrote:
What's the best way to determine if you're in a sparse
root local zone vs. a whole root local zone?  Merely
the presence of loopback-mounted OS filesystems like

It would seem pkgcond for the tool for that:

$ pkgcond
no condition to check specified; usage is:
        pkgcond [-nv] <condition> [ <option(s)> ]

command options:
        -n - negate results of condition test
        -v - verbose output of condition testing

<condition> may be any one of:
        can_add_driver [path]
        can_remove_driver [path]
        can_update_driver [path]
        is_alternative_root [path]
        is_boot_environment [path]
        is_diskless_client [path]
        is_global_zone [path]
        is_mounted_miniroot [path]
        is_netinstall_image [path]
        is_nonglobal_zone [path]
        is_path_writable path
        is_running_system [path]
        is_sparse_root_nonglobal_zone [path]
        is_what [path]
        is_whole_root_nonglobal_zone [path]

<option(s)> are specific to the condition used

pkgcond -?
        - Shows this help message

It doesn't have a man page (at least on my system), so it might not be a stable interface for general consumption though...


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