Jazz Geek wrote:
Well, i found this:

Using "zonecfg" you can add a "capped memory" command:

Like, so:
zonecfg:testing1> add capped-memory
zonecfg:testing1:capped-memory> set physical=512m
zonecfg:testing1:capped-memory> set swap=512m
zonecfg:testing1:capped-memory> end

Wouldn't this work instead? Or is this documenation also incorrect?

Those features exist in OpenSolaris, but are not in Solaris 10 11/06.

OpenSolaris is the source code upon which Solaris 10 is based. OpenSolaris has the newest modifications, and is updated frequently. Features which have been rigorously tested appear in Solaris 10 when a new release comes out, which usually happens about once every six months. Give or take a few months.

The features you show above are planned for a release of Solaris 10 due in the middle of this year. If you would like to test them now, you can download or order a copy of Solaris Express, Developer's Edition: http://www.sun.com/software/solaris/solaris-express/get.jsp

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