[i]what would be the proper way to deal with /usr on my zone? [/i]

If you'd like a fully writable /usr, then certainly remove the inheritance. In 

[b]zonecfg:my-zone> remove inherit-pkg-dir dir=/usr[/b]

[i]what will this do for me?[/i]

It'll give you a fully writable /usr directory. However this will also add 
about 2G to your zone footprint.

[i]I see in the man on zonecfg, in the example, they created a lofs, from 
/usr/local on the global zone to /opt/local on the zone side, is this the 
proper way to deal with the situation.[/i]

Often people don't require a writable /usr partition; however a lot of 3rd 
party packages use /usr/local as an installation directory. So in order to 
inherit most of the /usr directories, but to also allow you to install packages 
to the /usr/local directory, they've given an example of how to do this in the 
manual. Its saves you the 2G I mentioned, but makes the zone somewhat more 
flexible (writable /usr/local).

My 2 cents is that this is such a common configuration, that it should be a one 
line configurable option in zonecfg. You can get the same results if you bother 
to explicitly inherit all the major /usr directories, leaving out /usr/local, 
but its a bit of a pain...
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