As of SFRAC/SFCFS 4.1MP1 Veritas will not support CFS in local zones.
However if NAS/NFS is available you could try the following:

The following sequence, "hack", might help: 1. Mount the zoneroot directories, 2. mount the NFS directories, 3. Start the local zone, 4. start the application. This sequence should be in 1 or more service groups depending on parallel usage.

hares -add GroupName_MNT_NFS_Mount_Point1 Mount ZServiceGroup
hares -modify GroupName_MNT_NFS_Mount_Point1 Critical 0
hares -modify GroupName_MNT_NFS_Mount_Point1 ResourceOwner FOO_GROUP
hares -modify GroupName_MNT_NFS_Mount_Point1 MountPoint “/zone/jbos1/ root/jbos” hares -modify GroupName_MNT_NFS_Mount_Point1 BlockDevice “nfsserver:/ share_
hares -modify GroupName_MNT_NFS_Mount_Point1 FSType nfs
hares -modify GroupName_MNT_NFS_Mount_Point1 Enabled 1
hares -online GroupName_MNT_NFS_Mount_Point1 -sys startup_system

hares -add GroupName_MNT_NFS_Mount_Point2 Mount ZServiceGroup
hares -modify GroupName_MNT_NFS_Mount_Point2 Critical 0
hares -modify GroupName_MNT_NFS_Mount_Point2 ResourceOwner FOO_GROUP
hares -modify GroupName_MNT_NFS_Mount_Point2 MountPoint “/zone/jbos2/ root/jbos” hares -modify GroupName_MNT_NFS_Mount_Point2 BlockDevice “nfsserver:/ share_
hares -modify GroupName_MNT_NFS_Mount_Point2 FSType nfs
hares -modify GroupName_MNT_NFS_Mount_Point2 Enabled 1
hares -online GroupName_MNT_NFS_Mount_Point2 -sys startup_system

Create the local zones resources, then, just as with the VxDG and VxFS for the local zone, have the NFS part mounted before starting the local zone and it's applications.

zone1 requires GroupName_MNT_NFS_Mount_Point1
zone2 requires GroupName_MNT_NFS_Mount_Point2

app_jbos1 requires zone1
app_jbos2 requires zone2

In a nut shell, the NFS directory will just "show up" under each local zones path. Make sure to create the /zone/jbos[1-2]/root/jbos directory ;)

Hope this helps.. it's pre-coffee for me, so feel free to let me know something is unclear.

On May 3, 2007, at 5:28 AM, Sia Cheng Chuan wrote:

Dear all,

Need your advise on the following issue. Thanks.

Dedhi Sujatmiko wrote:
Dear all,

I have an ISV who are proposing to have this scheme :
a. hardware are 2 nodes of Sun Fire V490
b. running Veritas Cluster, the data services is Oracle RAC, run on both
nodes inside global zone, VxVM with CVM feature is used.
c. 2 instances of JBOSS apps running on each node, total 4 instances.
These instances will be run under 4 Container Manager. CPU and memory
usage will be managed.

The challenge is, those 4 instances of JBOSS apps inside the non- global zones, need to have a *read and write* to the same data location in the
disk. Using NFS server managed by the Veritas Cluster will not work
since the non-global zones cannot mount NFS share from the global zones.
In that case, the ISV is asking me whether if cluster file system
produced by CVM is able to be imported to the non-global zones using lofs. Anybody ever tried to match up the VxVM with CVM to the non-global zones
like this?

Many thanks in advance,


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