our Intranet Server solution is a bundle of many open source softwares mixed 
with some of our softwares. Mainly it runs:
- IPFilter FW / NAT
- Squid
- Cyrus IMAP
- Postfix + Amavis + Spamassassin
- Tomcat running 4 web applications
- Apache running as a Proxy Pass to the needed web applications
- Postgres as DB for web applications

One customer is actually 3 companies inside the same palace, sharing the same 
network infrastructure, so they currently have 3 installations on 3 different 
machines running Solaris 10 + Intranet Server to manage their 3 domains.

We're on the run of installing a new biproc v40z that should accomodate all the 
3 domains in one machine.
I obviously can manage all the 3 domains on zone 0, as all the softwares let me 
handle the situation.
But I was thinking about creating 3 zones for some of the services, allowing me 
to reboot one zone of a specific company, without disturbing the other users.

How would you suggest to divide the softwares? Do they all run inside zones?
My idea was:
- Firewall and Squid on zone 0
- Each zone should then run its configured services (as they are now on the 
distinct machines): cyrus - postfix - amavis - tomcat - apache - postgres

Can you suggest?
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