[i]If I used: pkgadd -G -d top, my question is, will the local zones be able to 
utilize the top command that was specifically installed on the global zone.[/i]

You've practically answered your own question. What the -G option of pkgadd 
does is specifically install the package in the global zone [u]only[/u].

Sometimes it doesn't hurt to try the man page first :)

# man pkgadd
-G              Add package(s) in  the  current  zone  only.
                     When used in the global zone, the package is
                     added to the global zone  only  and  is  not
                     propagated  to  any  existing  or yet-to-be-
                     created non-global  zone.  When  used  in  a
                     non-global zone, the package(s) are added to
                     the non-global zone only.
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