Hi Matt, that is what happens with the share IP in the original zones.

You can get better IP isolation, including being able to set routes within a non-global zone with IP Instances in recent Nevada builds, and this is targeted for Solaris 10 7/07.

check out http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow/ for details.

The zonecfg operation will be:

zonecfg:test1> set ip-type=exclusive
zonecfg:test1> add net
zonecfg:test1:net> set physical=bge3
zonecfg:test1:net> end

Note, you will be able to set the IP address in teh zone as well, or be a DHCP client.


Matt Santimore wrote On 05/07/07 15:46,:
All is there a good way to have zones on different subnets.
server has ce 3 on x.x.100.116
                zone a is 100.122

server has ce2 and ce8 IPMP 1  on x.x.96.15
                zone b is 96.35

routing is going mad on me. have added defaulte routes in /etc/defaultrouter


traffic coming in on ce3 but going out on ce2.
do I need to add defaultroutes to the zones.

Any info is appreciated.



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