Need urgent Information : As discussed , Could you please help to get a quick answer for this Query from Cu ?

1) Initially cu asked :
How do I restrict a non-global zone(or project within zone) to a set number of processes? 2) I replied :
This Link provides you the required information , but point to note here
is that you can limit the threads not the processes.

3) *Now Cu comes back with the below query : *
My requirement is the ability to restrict the total number of processes per zone(as per *details *in your link).
*When will the above be implemented in Solaris 10 ?
* Extract from link...


*Future Work*
Additional Resource Controls that may be added in the
future: zone.max-locked-memory
   * Limiting the quantity of physical memory that may be locked by a zone.

*zone.max-processes *

   * *Limiting the number of processes (including zombies) that a zone
     may have.*

_zone.cpu-cap_ <>

   * Limiting the absolute quantity of cpu a zone may consume. For
     instance, A zone may be limited to consuming half of a cpu.

System V Resource Controls.

   * Limits various system V objects such as shared memory, message
     queues, and semaphores



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