On Thu, May 10, 2007 at 02:11:12PM -0400, Jeff Victor wrote:
> Currently there isn't a setting which enables (or disables) RM.  Are you 
> suggesting that there should be one 'knob' which enables RM, and chooses 
> sufficiently large default values until you override them?

> >Perhaps it could even be as simple as set rctl=FSS to enable RM.
> >At that point it would be fine to pull in reasonable defaults. To make
> >matters simple, I think populating defaults is only worth doing for FSS.
> I am not certain I understand: are you saying that it doesn't make sense to 
> cap the amount of swap space that a zone can use unless you are also using 
> FSS?
No, I was just thinking that while handing out cpu shares with FSS is
very simple because you could easily just give 10 shares to each new
zone and never worry about it, but if you have to give a specific
percentage of system resources, then it becomes much harder because
you'd have to either know the total number of zones up front or adjust
over time.

> That is not true in some situations.  For example, each container might be 
> in a separate resource pool, using its own CPUs.  FSS would not accomplish 
> anything.
This is a situation where someone has had to take the time to decide a
need for a more complex RM setup - in that case I think it would be fair
to let them define the full RM setting rather than trying to second
guess their reasoning. As in - if you want to play with the "advanced"
features, then you're on your own.


Mads Toftum
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