Sorry this is not a zones question, but there seem to be plenty of Solaris experts on this alias...

I cannot figure out how to set the screen resolution on my Solaris 10 sparc sunblade1000. I have a brand new flat panel monitor that supports many resolutions. Help or a re-direct to a good alias is appreciated.

                      Solaris 10 11/06 s10s_u3wos_10 SPARC
                          Assembled 14 November 2006

1.  Using the gui menus (sun java desktop system) gives:
"The XServer does not support the XRandR extension. Runtime resolution changes to the display size are not available."

2.  kdmconfig is only on x86 Solaris.

3.  Xorg:   There is no /usr/X11/bin/Xorg executable.

4. m64config: Despite trying many variations of settings the monitor manual said are supported, m64config just would not work. (fail miserably)

 m64config -res \?
 m64config -res 1600x1200x60 try
 m64config -res 1280x1024x60 try
 m64config -res 1280x1024x76 try

Google has not turned up an answer either.   :(

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