Jason Bradfield wrote:
Also, on a similar note can someone confirm my understanding of the
physical and swap caps...

In my case above will that give the zone a total of 256M Virtual memory of
which no more than 128M will be physical.. My tests seem to prove this..

Yes, although the zone is allowed to temporarily 'burst' above the physical memory cap. The pager will page out enough physical memory pages to bring the zone back under the physical memory cap.

My initial thoughts were that I would have 384M of which 128M is physical
and 256M is disk swap..

Can anyone, in lamens (ex linux) terms explain the differences between
virtual/swap/rss/size/physical etc or recomend a good

I don't know Linux terms, so I'll define terms for this conversation:
* physical memory: RAM, memory chips
* VM (virtual memory): the total memory space available, both in RAM and
  on disk

The terms in zonecfg are:
* set physical=  this is what I am calling "physical memory"
* set swap=      this is VM - the total address space available to the zone

So if you want to limit the zone's processes to 384MB of VM and 128MB of RAM, 

add capped-memory
set physical=128m
set swap=384m

If you already have added these, you must use "select capped-memory" instead of "add capped-memory".

Does that help?

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