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Hope this is not a new thread.

I just have a simple question.
What is the maximum number of local zone can I have?


I thought that it was around 8000, but zone.h seems to indicate that
MAX_ZONEID is 9999.  You will have to do other tuning to get to that
large of a number.  John Clingan http://blogs.sun.com/jclingan/ has
experimented with this and has achieved hundreds of zones with rather
modest[1] hardware.

And with immodest hardware :) you can boot 1,000 zones: http://blogs.sun.com/JeffV/entry/title_spawning_0_5kz_hr

You will tend to run into other practical limits for long term
maintenance (e.g. time to patch said system) before you run into
problems with the system running a large number of zones.


[1] This assumes that you buy into the idea that a 4 processor system
with 8GB of RAM is modest - I may be a bit spoiled.

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