What value did you specify for MAX_CPUs in the zoneflogcpu script?

Also, there seems to be some confusion in terminology. FSS uses shares. The number of shares for a zone is set in cpu-shares. Your last e-mail shows that zone rwc-uc-sparc1-z1 has 100 shares. That is used when there is CPU contention between different zones assigned to the same pool. Are there any other zones (or users) assigned to pool rwc-uc-sparc1-z1? If not, FSS and cpu-shares are not relevant to this problem.

Ramesh Mudradi wrote:

I have a non-global zone binded to a pool  with pset.min=4 and pset.max=16.
I am running  the script to flog the cpu of nonglobal zone from

Before running the script, the non-global zone had 11 cpu shares assigned
to it. Once the script started loading the CPU, I was expecting local zone
to have max no. of cPU shares it can have . But though the load is
increasing, the local zone is not getting its share. Any idea whats going
on here ? Appreciate any pointers.

bash-3.00# poolstat
pset id pool size used load 1 mpk-uc-sparc1-z1 11 0.00 1635 0 pool_default 8 0.00 0.01 2 mpk-uc-sparc1-z2 13 0.00 0.00 bash-3.00#

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