I am trying to create zones with exclusive IP interfaces on a Dell Optiplex. My 
interpretation is that before the zones can be created, the interfaces must be 
defined using dladm create-vnic. These interfaces would then be used as the 
physical addresses for each zone configuration.

I am using OpenSolaris build 63. But why am I unable to create vnics?


-bash-3.00# dladm show-link
e1000g0         type: non-vlan  mtu: 1500       device: e1000g0

-bash-3.00# dladm create-vnic -d e1000g0 -m 0:1:2:3:4:5 1
dladm: unknown subcommand 'create-vnic'
usage:  dladm <subcommand> <args> ...
        show-link       [-p] [-s [-i <interval>]] [<name>]
        show-dev        [-p] [-s [-i <interval>]] [<dev>]

        create-aggr     [-t] [-R <root-dir>] [-P <policy>] [-l <mode>]
                        [-T <time>] [-u <address>] -d <dev> ... <key>
        modify-aggr     [-t] [-R <root-dir>] [-P <policy>] [-l <mode>]
                        [-T <time>] [-u <address>] <key>
        delete-aggr     [-t] [-R <root-dir>] <key>
        add-aggr        [-t] [-R <root-dir>] -d <dev> ... <key>
        remove-aggr     [-t] [-R <root-dir>] -d <dev> ... <key>
        show-aggr       [-pL][-s [-i <interval>]] [<key>]

        scan-wifi       [-p] [-o <field>,...] [<name>]
        connect-wifi    [-e <essid>] [-i <bssid>] [-k <key>,...] [-s wep]
                        [-a open|shared] [-b bss|ibss] [-c] [-m a|b|g]
                        [-T <time>] [<name>]
        disconnect-wifi [-a] [<name>]
        show-wifi       [-p] [-o <field>,...] [<name>]

        set-linkprop    [-t] [-R <root-dir>]  -p <prop>=<value>[,...] <name>
        reset-linkprop  [-t] [-R <root-dir>] [-p <prop>,...] <name>
        show-linkprop   [-cP][-p <prop>,...] <name>

        create-secobj   [-t] [-R <root-dir>] [-f <file>] -c <class> <secobj>
        delete-secobj   [-t] [-R <root-dir>] <secobj>[,...]
        show-secobj     [-pP][<secobj>,...]
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