Hi Manish,

Only IP Instances have been putback into Nevada. VNICs and flow management are not there
yet. There is a DVD image based on build 61 that was posted at
http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow/snapshots/ but there was a problem in the SPARC image. As soon as testing of the rebuild is done, both SPARC and x86 should be reposted. Or you can apply the BFU to 61 (and possibly later, but I haven't
tested that myself).

In the meantime, to use IP Instances, you need at least two links (either NICs or VLANs, or
aggrations, but that won't help you right now).

I have a system with an eri in the global zone and use an e1000g in the non-global with
IP Instance.

More info at http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow/faq/. Let me know if it does not answer your questions. I will be updating it once the 61 based DVD ISOs are


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Manish Agrawal wrote:
I am trying to create zones with exclusive IP interfaces on a Dell Optiplex. My 
interpretation is that before the zones can be created, the interfaces must be 
defined using dladm create-vnic. These interfaces would then be used as the 
physical addresses for each zone configuration.

I am using OpenSolaris build 63. But why am I unable to create vnics?


-bash-3.00# dladm show-link
e1000g0         type: non-vlan  mtu: 1500       device: e1000g0

-bash-3.00# dladm create-vnic -d e1000g0 -m 0:1:2:3:4:5 1
dladm: unknown subcommand 'create-vnic'
usage:  dladm <subcommand> <args> ...
        show-link       [-p] [-s [-i <interval>]] [<name>]
        show-dev        [-p] [-s [-i <interval>]] [<dev>]

        create-aggr     [-t] [-R <root-dir>] [-P <policy>] [-l <mode>]
                        [-T <time>] [-u <address>] -d <dev> ... <key>
        modify-aggr     [-t] [-R <root-dir>] [-P <policy>] [-l <mode>]
                        [-T <time>] [-u <address>] <key>
        delete-aggr     [-t] [-R <root-dir>] <key>
        add-aggr        [-t] [-R <root-dir>] -d <dev> ... <key>
        remove-aggr     [-t] [-R <root-dir>] -d <dev> ... <key>
        show-aggr       [-pL][-s [-i <interval>]] [<key>]

        scan-wifi       [-p] [-o <field>,...] [<name>]
        connect-wifi    [-e <essid>] [-i <bssid>] [-k <key>,...] [-s wep]
                        [-a open|shared] [-b bss|ibss] [-c] [-m a|b|g]
                        [-T <time>] [<name>]
        disconnect-wifi [-a] [<name>]
        show-wifi       [-p] [-o <field>,...] [<name>]

        set-linkprop    [-t] [-R <root-dir>]  -p <prop>=<value>[,...] <name>
        reset-linkprop  [-t] [-R <root-dir>] [-p <prop>,...] <name>
        show-linkprop   [-cP][-p <prop>,...] <name>

        create-secobj   [-t] [-R <root-dir>] [-f <file>] -c <class> <secobj>
        delete-secobj   [-t] [-R <root-dir>] <secobj>[,...]
        show-secobj     [-pP][<secobj>,...]
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