Ramesh Mudradi wrote:
Hi Jeff,

I have MAX_CPUs set to 100.

From your email what I understand is, FSS will work only when multiple
zones using the same pool ?

Yes: setting a value for cpu-shares for a zone will only work:
* if FSS is enabled (which happens by default in OpenSolaris now)
* if another workload in the same pool (global zone or non-global zone) is also using FSS

If those conditions are met, Solaris will ensure that each zone gets its minimum portion of the CPU time available in the CPUs in that pool.

But this is not related to the feature in Dynamic Resource Pools that shifts CPUs from one zone to another.

What I was trying to do is,  create a unique pool for each zone and set min
and max pset values and expect for max CPU allocation when load is too high
on a zone. This may not work then ?

You should be able to accomplish that. The point of my last message was that the ability of Solaris to shift CPUs into, and out of, resource pools is not related to FSS.

In other words, if you want to Solaris to shift CPUs from one resource pool to another based on load, FSS will not help you. Dynamic resource pools will. I think you have been trying to use both.

With the following config and scenario, can I expect z1 to have the max cpu
assigned ?

From the information I have seen so far, I understand your confusion: with many threads running CPU hogs, Solaris should shift CPUs into that pool up to the maximum value you have configured.


Zone name: z1 and z2 Pool name: pool1 ( assigned to z1 and z2) pset: max->30, min->8 (associated to pool1)

z1 zone.cpu-shares : limit=25 z2 zone.cpu-shares: limit=15

I suggest:
* remove cpu-shares from each zone
* assign each zone to one pool
* make sure each pool has a minimum and maximum number of CPUs
* make sure one pool has a higher importance than the other

That should work.

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