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hey all,
what documentation is available about configuring zones on machines
that don't have outward facing network interfaces?

i guess i'm looking for documentation on recommended networking
configurations for zones using only loopback or vni interfaces.
(basically to allow the global zone to talk to other zones and
possibly for those other zones to talk to eachother.)

With Nevada I have seen reproducible panics by sending an UDP packet
to a destination that does not exist on the local machine and there
was no route to send it elsewhere.  See
http://bugs.opensolaris.org/view_bug.do?bug_id=6422863.  The bug
report shows a rather complicated mechanism for causing it.  A simple
"nslookup something <badIP>" works as well.

On Solaris 10, the same test (as I recall - may be a bit off) caused
the process sending the UDP packet to hang and become "immortal"
(ignored kill -9) and was spinning in the kernel.


Mike Gerdts
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