Ryan, what have been the cause(s) for the "misses?"

Anderson, Ryan C wrote:
The zoneadm detach/re-attach options have been hit and miss for me.
While this is NOT SUPPORTED, moving a zone manually isn't so hard:

1) Copy the line from your old global zone's /etc/zones/index file for
the non-global zone you want to move to the new global zone's
/etc/zones/index file
  * Modify the path if that is changing
2) Copy the /etc/zones/<zone name>.xml file to the new global zone into
  * Modify as needed (path, interface, etc)
3) Move the non-global zone's files to the new global zone using your
favorite method (export/import disk, rsync, etc)
4) The zone _should_ startup as normal at this point and be seen as
normal with zonecfg/zoneadm commands.

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