Jerry Jelinek writes:
>      to upgrade to.  Pkg operations on pkgs with the SUNW_ALLZONES attribute
>      set must be run from the global zone, the operation will be performed on
>      all native zones, and this behavior is built-in to the pkg commands.

This document describes in detail how the packaging bits will be taken
care of.  But how are patches re-run to update the zone on attach?  We
don't have copies of the patch metadata (the scripts) around in usable
form, do we?  Do we just 'assume' that those patches never do anything
useful to any non-global zone?

>      commands.  Those commands were formerly part of the ON consolidation but
>      moved to the Install consolidation as part of [5].  That case documents 
> man
>      pages for pkgremove and pkginstall but no such man pages exist.  No
>      stability level is documented for these two commands so we're assuming
>      these are consolidation private and a contract is needed to directly use
>      these commands.  The command line options being used are:

Indeed; they're private implementation details of the Install

One alternative would be to modify pkgadd/pkgrm (or deliver new bits
from Install) to expose the features you need.  I assume that the
reason you're not doing this is that delivery of Install updates on
which this new feature depends would be more difficult.  Is that

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