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     We can do something similar for "update on attach".  The zone 'attach'
     validation already generates a list of mismatched pkg versions and patches.
     We can use this information to determine which dependent pkgs need to
     be updated so that the zone can run properly on the new host.  We will
     remove the obsolete versions of those pkgs and install the up-to-date
     version from the pkg data spooled in the global zone.  This procedure will
     preserve any editable or volatile files that are delivered by these pkgs.
     The normal pkg install scripts and class action scripts are run as part of
     this process so any updates performed by these scripts will take place.  As
     described in [3] the dependent pkgs are those that have the
     SUNW_PKG_ALLZONES=true pkg attribute as well as any pkgs installed in an
     inherited-pkg-dir.  Only these pkgs will be updated to match the new host.

This seems to imply I can do something along the lines of:

lucreate -n newbe ...

for zone in $allzones ; do
   zoneadm -z $zone halt
   zoneadm -z $zone detach

luupgrade -t -n newbe -s /tmp/10_Recommended ...
luactivate newbe
init 6

for zone in $allzones ; do
   zoneadm -z $zone attach -u
   zoneadm -z $zone boot

But S10u4 adds support for live upgrade of zones, right?  It doesn't
do it if I have ZFS in the mix.  Since there is no mention of timeline
for live upgrade on a system with zones on ZFS (significant pain
point) this looks very promising.


Mike Gerdts
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