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I like your eaxample... Good way to go if you can't swing the zones over to 
some other server for import/attach/upgrade.

In reality, this is how I think I would do this.

How would you envision backing out of the newbe environment if (after doing the 
zoneimport +upgrade) you decide you want to back out and boot to the pre-lu 

(You can't attach -u the luns for downgrade purposes can you? The zones would 
be seriously out of whack as a result of the attach/upgrade.)

I guess if there WAS zfs in play, at least you could snapshot before 

Exactly.  I left that detail out to encourage discussion.  :)

The whole attach+upgrade thing is a little scary anyway, some sort of backout 
will be needed...


As mike said, we're going to have zfs play in this space sooner or later, and 
its snapshot facilities can really help solve some serious issues here.

With hundreds of zones in production today, it is feeling like later
is already here.  Worst case patching is well over 24 hours in single
user mode.  (I have developed my own workarounds to make each zone
only add about 10 minutes to total outage time in my initial tests.)


Mike Gerdts
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