Mike Gerdts wrote:
This seems to imply I can do something along the lines of:

lucreate -n newbe ...

for zone in $allzones ; do
   zoneadm -z $zone halt
   zoneadm -z $zone detach

luupgrade -t -n newbe -s /tmp/10_Recommended ...
luactivate newbe
init 6

for zone in $allzones ; do
   zoneadm -z $zone attach -u
   zoneadm -z $zone boot

Yes, it enables things like this.  I actually started working
on this because I want to implement a p2v (physical to virtual)
capability for putting an existing system into a zone but
it was obvious that the current limitations on attach would get
in the way.  I do want to stress that updating on attach is
not the same as a full upgrade since I propose to only update
the dependent pkgs whereas upgrade might do more stuff.

But S10u4 adds support for live upgrade of zones, right?  It doesn't
do it if I have ZFS in the mix.  Since there is no mention of timeline
for live upgrade on a system with zones on ZFS (significant pain
point) this looks very promising.

Yes, this works on zfs.  That happens to be the configuration I am
using for most of my testing.

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