Gael wrote:
With the current thread about upgrades, I was wondering if it would be
possible to upgrade our currents frames to U4 as I would like to use the
memory capping capabilities of U4...
the one apparent issue here is that we are using Veritas for BOTH the BE and
the zones filesystems themselves. It is understood that we will need to
desencapsulate to upgrade
the boot disks, but are we going to be able to upgrade the zones themselves
? Will liveupgrade be able to work with Veritas Volumes (using ufs) using
SAN. ?

Or easier, will the RM upgrades be a simple patch applicable to U2/U3  ?


Although I haven't tried it I think that as long as you are using UFS
then LU should have no trouble.  I am not even sure that you would need
to do anything special here for vxvm if you are running LU since those
drivers are loaded and available.  Somebody actually running vxvm might
be able to confirm this but it seems like it should work to me.

We also do support applying the individual patches so that you are able to
patch your way up to the u4 functionality.


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