Hi James,

PSARC 2007/304 is open.
Anything in that case is available for the public.

The Solaris Cluster product line is not Open Source at
this time. The cluster management knows of the direction
that Sun Microsystems is going with respect to open source
and has a plan. Nothing has been publicly announced at this
time, and I cannot make any announcements.

So at this time, our work in Solaris follows the open source
model, while our work in Solaris Cluster does not.


James Carlson wrote:
Mike Gerdts writes:
On 6/4/07, roush <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi Jerry,

This proposal mentions "native" zones.
Please ensure that the "cluster" brand is treated
as a "native" brand, as noted in PSARC 2007/304.
Any details on what this is?  The case doesn't seem to be available on
opensolaris.org and the mercurial change log is not terribly

It's an open case, so everything ought to be there.  I'll drop a line
to the ARC discuss list.

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