Hi Gael,

I went through thinking about this situation almost a year ago and came to the 
conclusion that the zone root filesystems have to be UFS so they can be 
upgraded. I have turned on MPxIO to give me multipathing support for the zone 
roots which are all setup on separate SAN LUNs. I can only have two internal 
disks in my E2900s so I can't use Live Upgrade. The only other way to upgrade 
is using an install DVD and that method supports neither MPxIO nor any of the 
Veritas software. So to upgrade, I have to do the following:
1. Break the boot disk mirror and remove the mirror drive from the boot disk 
2. Unencapsulate the boot disk.
3. Turn off MPxIO (and replace the vfstab with one that points the zoneroots to 
non-MPXIO device names)
4. Reboot the server to make doubly sure the zoneroots all mount correctly. (If 
they don't and you try to upgrade, the upgrade fails after upgrading the global 
and you have a broken system.)
5. Upgrade using the DVD.
6. Turn on MPxIO (and restore the original vfstab).
7. Re-encapsulate the boot disk.
8. Re-mirror the boot disk.

I have done this successfully on one of my Lab servers. There are at least 6 
reboots involved. It's not pretty but it does work. At least this way, I still 
have the original mirror disk to fall back on if the upgrade fails.

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