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Mike Gerdts wrote:
On 6/6/07, Dave Miner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
We don't generally provide downgrade for Solaris at all; generally the
current packages are not designed to go backwards in time, as it's not a
requirement for the product, thus the scripts included in most packages
will in many cases have fatal flaws if presented with an environment
that breaks this basic assumption.  It's possible that at some point
this could be done, but it's a much bigger problem than Jerry's proposal.

I think that downgrade is an unfortunate term used in this thread.
The inability to "back-out" is somewhat concerning to me as I see
"upgrade on attach" as more of "patch on attach."   How difficult
would it be to create undo.Z archives that get stored under the NGZ
/var/sadm directory, similar to what patchadd does today?

You may wish to see it as a "patch on attach", but that's not what it is. It's really an upgrade, not a patch, in much the same way that an upgrade to S10U3, for example, is not the same as applying the equivalent set of patches. The former doesn't allow you to back the patches out, even though the resultant set of binaries may be the same as in the latter, and the patches are listed as applied in showrev.

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