F.V.(Phil)Porcella wrote:
***I was hoping to get an answer a question about create vs create -b.
***In a previous post I was told to 'drop the "create -b" because it
***creates a 'whole root' zone.  So, okay here is what happens when I do.
***The following is my session:

zonecfg -z CIS2
zonecfg:CIS2> create
zonecfg:CIS2> set autoboot=true
zonecfg:CIS2> set zonepath=/zones/CIS2
zonecfg:CIS2> add inherit-pkg-dir
zonecfg:CIS2:inherit-pkg-dir> set dir=/opt
zonecfg:CIS2:inherit-pkg-dir> end
zonecfg:CIS2> add net
zonecfg:CIS2:net> set address=
zonecfg:CIS2:net> set physical=eri0
zonecfg:CIS2:net> end
zonecfg:CIS2> verify
zonecfg:CIS2> export -f /export/home/porc1276/CIS2-zone.cfg
*** If I look at the text file I just exported, the first line is create -b
***Does this mean I am creating a 'whole root' zone?
Sorry for confusing you earlier, I missinterpretted you're earlier mail, I though it was a script you were using. zoencfg will always show the create -b, basically the default zone type is sparse, and we crate this by using the default "blank template" ( the -b bit ) then add teh inherited dirs to that to make it sparse, so zonecfg was correct and i missinterpreted it.

bash-3.00# more CIS2-zone.cfg
create -b
set zonepath=/zones/CIS2
set autoboot=true
add inherit-pkg-dir
set dir=/lib
add inherit-pkg-dir
set dir=/platform
add inherit-pkg-dir
set dir=/sbin
add inherit-pkg-dir
set dir=/usr
add inherit-pkg-dir
set dir=/opt
add net
set address=
set physical=eri0

***F.V.(Phil) Porcella
***PS  This is a bit confusing and I would appreciate any help you can offer.
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