F.V.(Phil)Porcella writes:
> zonecfg:CIS2> export -f /export/home/porc1276/CIS2-zone.cfg
> zonecfg:CIS2>
> *** If I look at the text file I just exported, the first line is 
> create -b
> ***Does this mean I am creating a 'whole root' zone?

No.  The contents of the file produced by 'export' is documented to be
something you can later 'import' and produce the same zone

How it does that doesn't actually matter, so its use of "create -b" is
a local matter for the team that supports export/import.

> add inherit-pkg-dir
> set dir=/lib
> end

Note the set of IPDs -- these make the result into a sparse-root zone.

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