Let's take a not-so-hypothetical situation: 

A thumper. Serving files via NFS and SMB (samba).

Let's assume I want to run the Samba processes inside zones
(multiple zones, also, serving different network domains) to limit any possible
securit holes and also to make it easier to manage and differentiate the 
sambas (many many smbd processes).

Now, that's easy. Just set up the ZFS filesystem and the lofs-mount
them into the multiple zones (the same filesystems must be available both 
via NFS and SMB at the same time).

Well... That's easy if it's only a couple of filesystems. Not so easy when 
it's like 600 separate filesystems (one for each user) plus the same number 
of filessystems multiplied with the snapshots...

I suppose I could use the automounter and NFS-loopback-mount them in the zones
from the master server, but that'll be uncessarily slow... (does it even work? 
I saw some
note when Googling that it doesn't work currently).

What's the best solution? Skip the zones idea and just run everything in the 
master zone?
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