Jim Bob wrote:

we just received a couple of T1000's and i am trying to create a few zones on 
the boxes.

after configuring the zone, i type the zone install command and receive the 
following error:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] # zoneadm -z oracle-zone install
Waiting for up to <300> seconds for zone administration commands to become 
available (another user is administering zones)
ERROR: Unable to acquire zone administration lock for this system; please try ag
ain later
ERROR: cannot create zone boot environment <oracle-zone>
zoneadm: zone 'oracle-zone': '/usr/lib/lu/lucreatezone' failed with exit code 

i am the only person logged into the box.  The install of the OS is the vanilla 
install that comes preloaded with the unit.  zone config as follows:

zonecfg:oracle-zone> info
zonepath: /export/zones/oracle-zone
autoboot: true
        dir: /lib
        dir: /platform
        dir: /sbin
        dir: /usr
        physical: bge0

i have done the std google search...but to no avail.  any assistance 

I'm not sure what release you actually have installed on this system or if this
is a known bug or not.  If you know that there is no other parallel zone install
running, then you should be able to simply delete the lock file.  This is


Before you delete it, it might be helpful to pass along the contents of
the file (it does have some unprintable chars in it, but it is mostly
readable).  If you still have the same problem after you delete the lock
file, let us know, along with more information about what release and patches
are actually installed on the system.

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