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OK, great FAQ, but they assume the interface is exclusively accessed from a zone, my question was about the virtual interface, e.g., bge0 that is shared among multiple zones as bge0:1, bge0:2, etc..? The qeustion remains unanswered? How will crossbow and IP instances help me here? BTW I'm playing with Nevada latest build.

Zones does not support providing a shared interface (via logical interfaces such as bge0:2) to a zone.

...because that would violate the security model.

A 'typo' on my end. I meant to say zone does not provide DHCP support on a shared interface using logical interfaces.

I don't think this violates the security model, since the global zone could be doing the DHCP client work on behalf of the non-global zone.

Searching again (my first one did not find it), shows that CR 5005887 was integrated into build 57. But it does not work. zonecfg allowed me to set the address of an interface to 'dhcp'. But zoneadm did not like that.


5005887: RFE: zoneadmd should support plumbing an interface via DHCP
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