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Martin Man wrote:
Steffen Weiberle wrote:

Hi Martin, looking at your question again...

What are the requirements?

Do non-global zones need to get their address via DHCP?

yes, not necessarily from the non-global zone, the address can be assigned and renewed periodically from the global zone, local zone will get the interface as is.

Do non-global zones need to share a single interface?

yes, I don't have more physical interfaces to give to the non-global zones

Does the global zone need to control or limit routing and other network setups?

could be, although not a strict requirement

Anything else?

the goal is to provide simple enough setup to just give a non-global zone virtual interface and network works out of the box, e.g., dhcp takes care of it, without playing with manually configuring IP.

kind of:

zonecfg> add net; set physical=bge0; set address=dhcp; end

All makes sense. And I tried the above and it works. Just zoneadm does not approve of it :) [yet]. Which is odd since CR 5005887 is integrated into 57.



hope that explains it,
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