Steffen Weiberle writes:
> Looking at 5005887 some more
> "Note that with the putback of PSARC/2004/522 into s10_63, the 
> dhcpagent now supports configuration of logical interfaces, which 
> would seem to meet the modification proposed in the description."

That's a pretty old note.  The 2004/522 support for logical interfaces
required the user to come up with client IDs for each logical
interface.  That would make it somewhat hard to use with Zones.

The code that I added for CR 6386331 upgrades that existing logical
interface support so that you don't have to forge up your own client
IDs manually.  That makes it ideal for use with Zones.

> So it seems zoneadm (and maybe zoneadmd) still require some 
> additional work. The related CRs did not point in such a direction.

The part that's missing is allowing DHCP to be configured in zonecfg
and correctly handled by zoneadmd.  I don't see how zoneadm itself
could be at all involved.

> # ifconfig e1000g0:1 plumb
> # ifconfig e1000g0:1 auto-dhcp

You're looking at the result of CR 6386331 here.

> > I don't see why that's a special case ...
> > 
> I think it is not, and does not require VNICs, just IP Instances. 
> But VNICs allows that with one NIC.

I see.  I think that just pushes the issue elsewhere, as you have to
deal with (potentially) very large numbers of MAC addresses.

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