Martin Man writes:
> > VNIC?  I think we were discussing the use of DHCP with regular
> > shared-stack zones and ordinary logical interfaces.
> I'm lost in Sun's "always-have-at-least-three-names-for-the-same-thing"
> madness, fortunately it didn't confuse you :-))


> I understand physical interface bge0 and I know logical interface
> bge0:1. forget the rest please..., somehow I was thinking about VNIC
> being the Virtual NIC, e.g., logical interface... ????

OK; then it sounds like we're talking about the same thing.

(VNICs are a Crossbow concept.  They're layer 2 devices, rather than
being layer 3 entities like the much older IP logical interfaces.  If
you like, you can think of IP logical interfaces as being "address
aliases" found on other operating systems.  They're just represented
as distinct IP objects with their own flags on Solaris.)

> > I think the proposal would be to make the DHCP-learned information
> > available within the non-global zone, not to go modify the zone's
> > files from the global zone.
> > 
> > One way to do this would be to make the /etc/dhcp/$IF.dhc file visible
> > in the zone, and write the raw DHCPACK there.  There are probably
> > better ways of doing this, such as making dhcpagent's internal control
> > socket (used by dhcpinfo) available in the zone.
> as long as it will work with BrandZ I basically don't care...

Got it; that's an important consideration.

Getting the DHCP data into a form where Linux can use it inside the
zone might be a challenge, but it's worth some thought.

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