Erik Nordmark writes:
> James Carlson wrote:
> > Getting the DHCP data into a form where Linux can use it inside the
> > zone might be a challenge, but it's worth some thought.
> I think it would also require emulation/translation of some additional 
> Linux ioctls; I don't think the ioctl to *set* the IP address and 
> netmask are handled by the brandZ/lx brand.

I think we're talking about very different things here.

I was talking about providing a way to get the configuration data from
DHCP -- DNS addresses and the like -- into the zone.  In other words,
delivering a version of /sbin/dhcpinfo that works right in this case.
I believe we already deliver some special Solaris-related tools to
BrandZ, so one more shouldn't be too much.

Given that we're talking about a shared-stack zone (BrandZ doesn't
work with exclusive-stack, does it?), getting the IP address and
netmask into the zone is useless.  /sbin/dhcpinfo can give you that
data, but even if you have it, there's not much that you can do with
it.  You can't configure interfaces; that must occur outside the zone,
by way of zoneadmd.

Getting exclusive-stack to work should (I think) mean running Linux's
DHCP client implementation inside the non-global zone, shouldn't it?
Doing that means making PF_PACKET work there -- or whatever hack
they're using instead of DLPI.  ;-}

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