To follow up, it's the setproject() call in particular that's having the 
problem within a zone when any project.x rctl is on the project.  In code, I 
can use setrctl() just fine but code like:

        pj = getdefaultproj("mark", &proj, pjbuffer, PROJECT_BUFSZ);
        spjerr = setproject(pj->pj_name, "mark", TASK_NORMAL);
        if (spjerr != 0) {
                printf("setproject() failed: %d, pj_name: %s\n", spjerr, 
        } else
                printf("setproject() succeeded: %d, pj_name: %s\n", spjerr, 

will always return with an integer pointing to the first rctl with a 
project.whatever value:

      setproject() failed: 2, pj_name: group.staff

The first rctl in this case was a process.max-address-space, and everything 
works normally with just process.x rctls. 

I guess my next step is to see what's changed in setproject() since b56 that 
might be responsible, and go from there. I've cc'ed zones-discuss since the 
problem only happens within a local zone. 

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