Thanks for the reply. No. The '-G' option was not specified when the
package was installed. In fact, the zone was not created when pkgadd
of the two pkgs. Do you think this could be the problem?

I just checked the NGZ /usr/local/bin. Everything seems to be the same
as the GZ except for the screen binaries.

bigadmin:/opt/local/bin 55 % ls
Esetroot@           etags@              kEsetroot@          tic*
Etbg@               get-wings-flags@    libast-config@      toe*
Etbg_update_list@   get-wraster-flags@  ncurses5-config*    tput*
Etcolors@           get-wutil-flags@    ootags@             tset*
Eterm@              geticonset@         pkgupdater@         unison*
Etsearch@           getstyle@           pkgupdaterStore     wdread@
Ettable@            gnct@               ppptool@            wdwrite@
TeleDesk@           gnuattach@          punchctl@ 
WPrefs@             gnuclient@          rcs-checkin@        wm-oldmenu2new@
addendum_cd*        gnudoit@            reset@              wmagnify@
addendum_cd.tcl*    imlib2-config@      rsync@              wmaker@
b2m@                imlib2_bumpmap@     screen@             wmaker.inst@
captoinfo@          imlib2_colorspace@  screen-4.0.2*       wmsetbg@
clear*              imlib2_conv@        seticons@           wmsetup@
client_backup@      imlib2_poly@        setstyle@           wxcopy@
client_restore@     imlib2_show@        sudo@               wxpaste@
convertfonts@       imlib2_test@        sudoedit@           xemacs@
ctags@              imlib2_view@        syncme@             xemacs-21.4.17@
dump_support_info*  infocmp*            tack*               xrlogin@
ellcc@              infotocap@          teledesk@

bigadmin:/opt/local/bin 56 % pkginfo | grep SMC
application SMCncurs                         ncurses
application SMCscreen                        screen

admin1:/usr/local/bin [6] $ ls
Esetroot@           etags@              imlib2_test@        unison*
Etbg@               get-wings-flags@    imlib2_view@        wdread@
Etbg_update_list@   get-wraster-flags@  kEsetroot@          wdwrite@
Etcolors@           get-wutil-flags@    libast-config@
Eterm@              geticonset@         ootags@             wm-oldmenu2new@
Etsearch@           getstyle@           pkgupdater@         wmagnify@
Ettable@            gnct@               pkgupdaterStore     wmaker@
TeleDesk@           gnuattach@          ppptool@            wmaker.inst@
WPrefs@             gnuclient@          rcs-checkin@        wmsetbg@
addendum_cd*        gnudoit@            rsync@              wmsetup@
addendum_cd.tcl*    imlib2-config@      seticons@           wxcopy@
b2m@                imlib2_bumpmap@     setstyle@           wxpaste@
convertfonts@       imlib2_colorspace@  sudo@               xemacs@
ctags@              imlib2_conv@        sudoedit@           xemacs-21.4.17@
dump_support_info*  imlib2_poly@        syncme@             xrlogin@
ellcc@              imlib2_show@        teledesk@

admin1:/usr/local/bin [7] $ pkginfo | grep SMC
application SMCncurs                         ncurses
application SMCscreen                        screen

Let me see if I can install the two pkgs in the NGZ....


On 6/18/07, *Lou Cinci* <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>> wrote:

    A CU wants to use Screen tool within a local zone (Solaris 10 1/06).
    The screen (requires ncurses) tool was downloaded from SunFreeWare
    and installed in /usr/local/bin on the GZ.  The pkgadd tool was
    used to
install both screen and ncurses. Screen seems to work ok in the GZ.

Are you sure he didn't use the pkgadd '-G' option to install in the GZ only?

Also, there is nothing stopping him from using pkgadd in the NGZ.


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