Hi Edna, Jeff, Jerry,

Thank you for all the good input.  I've decided to go ahead with a mounpoint at 

Since this is a small test box (sbv120) and I have one slice to play with it 
seemd to be a good spot.

Last question for you all, (maybe it should get its own thread), I would like 
to incorporate the /export/home directories from the global zone, into the 
non-global zone.

What is the best way to do this?

Seems like I have 3 choices:
1 add inherit-pkg-dir, set dir=/export/home, end
2 add fs,set dir=/export/home, set special=/export/home,set type=lofs,add 
options [rw,nodevices], end
3 nfs mount /export/home from the global zone, to the NGS (CIS2) later on.

Is there any prefered method to do this?

Also, the passwords for the accounts, is there a recomended way to deal with 
that on the NGZ?

thanks again
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