Roberto Pereyra writes:
> - Install from Blastwave some packages in global zone and that the
> users in the zone can use and configure it (with his own setup).
> - That the  zone's users can install from blastwave its own packages
> .within the zone .

That's going to be tough with the current design.

An inherit-pkg-dir entry is always read-only, so it won't allow that
second usage case, at least for the same default location (/opt/csw).

Similarly, lofs allows read-write and read-only entries in order to
borrow things from the global zone, but (a) there's no "read global,
write local" or "translucent mount" option and (b) the packaging data
wouldn't be transferred so the blastwave dependencies would be wrong.

Given the current system design, the solution would be setting the
SUNW_PKG_ALLZONES=true parameter in each of the csw packages and then
using whole-root zones.  That might not be the best answer, though.

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