Hi Jeff,
you said
>If you continue to use LDAP, and don't give zone-root passwords to
>students, and use LOFS mounts, you should be OK. 

The CIS zone will have student users with root (or most likely sudo) 
access.  That kind of access is needed for the classwork.
We felt that a zone would be a much better solution to this
than just letting them have root access on a stand-alone machine
in our computer center.

Considering that a typical networking class has a maximum 
of 35 students, I think I will just byte the bullet and make them home
directories.  If I am careful about UID GID I should still be able to 
still use LDAP (I think).

Question for you, what happens when someone wipes out a 
filesystem in a non-global zone?

Thanks again,
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