I'm trying to use the latest zonemgr...see script below.

Must the zonename as specified by "-n" be the hostname?
And if so, what is the purpose of specifying the hostname in "-I"?

I ran zonemgr as seen below and it failed to complete nicely.
It could not find the dns servers. and instructed me to zlogin and fix things afterwards.

When I zlogin'd I ran hostname and it responded: "zone4", not "ps-eng8-zone4"
So now I've run sys-unconfig and the zone is halted....

As am I.


zonemgr-1.8.1   -a add   -n zone4   -t s   -z "/export2/zones" \
            -P "iplanet" -R /root \
            -D "red.iplanet.com" \
-d "mf-usca19-12.red.iplanet.com,mf-usca15-13.red.iplanet.com" \
            -R "/|/bin/bash"
            -I "|hme0|24|ps-eng8-zone4" \
            -C /etc/ssh/sshd_config -C /etc/resolv.conf \
            -C /etc/nsswitch.conf \
            -L default,dtrace_proc,dtrace_user

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