I've had several instances recently of a zone in the DOWN state,
for which zoneadm halt just hangs, and the only recourse seems
to be to reboot the machine.  The zone may have gotten into the
down state due to bug 6504424, but I'm not sure.  Looking
at a forced crash dump, the zone's zoneadmd has a thread stuck in
cv_wait_sig on zone_destroy_cv:

[ fffffe8004f13d10 _resume_from_idle+0xf8() ]
   fffffe8004f13d40 swtch+0x10b()
   fffffe8004f13d90 cv_wait_sig+0x15c()
   fffffe8004f13dd0 zone_destroy+0x124()
   fffffe8004f13ec0 zone+0x149()
   fffffe8004f13f10 sys_syscall32+0x101()

Is this related to bug 6516822, or something else?  Any clues appreciated.
I'm happy to provide the crash dump or info from it.

- Bob
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