I haven't used SC, but I can say I'm using the VCS 4.1MP1 Zone agent and
it works as advertised. While at the recent Symantec Vision conference,
I was able to talk to the VCS product manager and was impressed they are
making further improvements to the agent. For example, they're adding in
a proper zone detach/attach to take advantage of this function
introduced in Solaris 10u3. We were already using VCS for other things,
so glomming on zones into VCS was relatively easy.




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Do you have any document or link showing why SC is "much better" than
Veritas VCS for zone clustering ? 

We are investigating which solution to use here.



On 7/24/07, Matthew Hamilton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 

Hi Jason,

Not only can you cluster zones with Solaris Cluster, our zone
intergration is far more advanced than that of Veritas.  You can cluster

zones with SC 3.1u4 using the zone agent.  However, the capabilities of
clustering zones with SC 3.2 is much better.  Does the customer have a
reason for not wanting to use SC 3.2?



Jason Burks wrote:

> IHAC who wants to know if you can cluster Solaris 10 Zones on two
> different servers and if so would it require Cluster 3.2?
> Thanks
> Jason

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