Please read this white paper for understanding how VCS clustering is
done with zones.


White paper is titled " Implementing Solaris(tm) Zones with Veritas(tm)
Cluster Server by Symantec"

Essentially, In the Service Group, DiskGroup, Mount type resources come
first and then on top of them there is a resource of type "Zone" and
then on top of it is an IP type resource for configuring VIP inside the

Mounting of lofs is handled still by zone (based on zonecfg config done
earlier) while zone is booted from VCS as it is a resource now.

So, zone should have auto_boot? Set to false.

Hope you are using VCS 5.0 as that is the best recommended with zones
eventhough 4.1 has some support I understand.


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Currently, The E20K have been partitioned into 2 domains.Domain A and B
have been installed with 3 Zones each. VCS ver 5.0 will be installed and
configured to provide  Failover of the local-zone on each of the Domain
A and B The non-global Zone?s application will be DB2.

 All the Local-Zone and Data mount-point are configured in a shared
storage.I have configure as show bleow:

 Domain A
Configure the file system and mount as shown below:
 /dev/rdsk/c2t30d0s0  /zone/systemA-------zonepath
/dev/rdsk/c2t30d1s0  /systemA/appsw------Store DB binary and application

 Where /dbdata,dblog and dbarchlog will be configured under Volume
Manager to provide failover to Zone B

 Domain B
Configure the file system and mount as shown below:

/dev/rdsk/c2t30d2s0  /zone/systemA-------zonepath
/dev/rdsk/c2t30d3s1  /systemA/appsw------Store DB binary and application

The local-Zone have been installed and setup and set the zonepath as
normal file system for DomainA and Domain B as show above Can I put the
zonepath as /zone/systemA  and Application as lofs  file system instead
of Volume Manager Control when under VCS control in non-global zone?
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