you can try to limit max-file-descriptor per process with ulimit -n.

You can set the environment of an starting application in your 
or change the ulimit in the start-method of you smf service.


On 08/01/07 16:14, Zoram Thanga wrote:
> Hi,
> Has anyone succeeded in setting the process.max-file-descriptor rctl on 
> a per-zone level? Somewhat like making the
> set rlim_fd_cur=x
> set rlim_fd_max=y
> entries in /etc/system? The setting must apply to all processes in a 
> given zone, independently of the settings in the GZ or other NGZ's.
> At present max-file-descriptor is not a zone level rctl, and there are 
> some *legacy* applications that are started out from inittab that 
> wouldn't honor SRM project settings or start up before SRM settings are 
> applied.
> Any ideas appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Zoram

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