Is it possible to create a sparse root zone from within a package's postinstall 
I've created a package; and via the postinstall script, I want to create a 
basic sparse root zone. Despite the postinstall script working fine as a stand 
alone script (creates zone no problemo), it fails as a "postinstall" script 
during a pkgadd...

Error comes out as (from zoneadm ... install):

ERROR: Unable to acquire zone administration lock for this system; please try 
again later
ERROR: cannot create zone boot environment
zoneadm: zone 'bose-zone': '/usr/lib/lu/lucreatezone' failed with exit code 94.

(I've tried deleting the /tmp/.ai.pkg.zone.lock-xxx... file, and the zone 
partially installs, but gives errors for just about every package: 
"Installation of these packages generated errors: <SMCphp FJSVvplr FJSVvplu 
SUNWcakr SUNWcar SUNWkvm FJSVhea SUNWjdmk-base SUNWckr SUNWcnetr SUNWcsl 
SUNWcsr SUNWcsu... and about another 600 :)".
If you then try and boot, the zone mounts (STATUS = mounted, which was a new 
one for me, [i]zoneadm -z zone unmount[/i] to cancel this:))

Any hot tips?

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