Here it is:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] zoneadm list -cv
  ID NAME             STATUS         PATH                          
   0 global           running        /                             
   1 labv490-01z3     running        /export/zones/labv490-01z3/main
   2 labv490-01z2     running        /export/zones/labv490-01z2/main
   4 labv490wsz2      running        /export/zones/labv490wsz2/main
   5 labv490wsz3      running        /export/zones/labv490wsz3/main
   6 labv490-01z1     running        /export/zones/labv490-01z1/main
   7 labv490wsz1      running        /export/zones/labv490wsz1/main
   8 labv490-01z6     running        /export/zones/labv490-01z6/main
  16 labv490-01z7     running        /export/zones/labv490-01z7/main
  43 labv490-01z4     running        /export/zones/labv490-01z4/main

As you can see, because the index file doesn't have info for the zone,
zoneadm will report nothing about it!

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What does zonadm -z labv490-01z5 have to say, ie is the zone in a state 
other than installed?

so the complete steps for an installed zone are:
zoneadm list -cv ( just to see zone state )

zoneadm -z labv490-01z5 halt  ( if not in installed state )
zoneadm -z labv490-01z5 uninstall -F
zonecfg -z labv490-01z5 delete -F

if above fails then give the complete output from above commands, 
including the zoneadm list -cv.


Yanakiev, Vladimir wrote:
> Here is the output:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] zonecfg -z labv490-01z5 delete -F
> labv490-01z5: Zone state is invalid for the requested operation
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> Subject: Re: [zones-discuss] zonecfg question
> On 8/1/07, Yanakiev, Vladimir <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] zonecfg -F -z labv490-01z5 delete
>> zonecfg: illegal option -- F
>> usage:  zonecfg help
>>         zonecfg -z <zone>                       (interactive)
>>         zonecfg -z <zone> <command>
>>         zonecfg -z <zone> -f <command-file>
> Try this:
> zonecfg -z labv490-01z5 delete -F

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