[EMAIL PROTECTED] often discusses virtualization in a general sense. I often see people bring up questions regarding comparing different virtualization implementations. Has it been considered to use this? (Granted the alias name appears to limit the focus to vmware...)


Nils Nieuwejaar wrote:

On Tue 08/07/07 at 16:18 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
Discussion on the OGB-discuss list regarding creating a LDOM (Logical
Domain) Community, has again brought up the question of whether to form a
combined virtualization community group. (With XEN, LDOM, and Zones all
being working groups in the CG, and individual projects likely falling
within the scope of a working group.).

To do this we would need buy-in from the existing XEN and Zones community
groups, as it would be relatively pointless to do this without these them.

I am not aware of any major reasons that someone might be opposed to this.
Please feel free to either voice your support or opposition. (Also, I think
it would add some weight to the proposal if community group leaders and core
contributers are willing to sponsor this change.)

I think we went through this a couple of months ago, and all the interested
parties were fine with that idea.  I don't remember any official word as to
why the idea was scuttled.

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